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Lassie Can Do Bruce Lee

Hahaha! Goold ole Lassie does some spiffy Bruce Lee style moves and sends the bewildered cougar scampering!


See My Pet Dog “M” Doing The Squeeze

“M” is his name and squeezing through the grill is his game. Well, one of anyway.
M is a Spitz and Terrier mix.

When Dogs Do Their Own Shopping

Watch how bemused shoppers react as 5 clever doggies fetch their fav dog food from inside a shopping mall.

Meet The Most Famous Dog In The World

It’s a great story. A one-of-a-kind perceptive empathetic dog. Endal is the name. And Wiki has him as the most decorated doggie in the world. Thanks to this heaven-sent Labrador, his master’s life has been wondefully transformed from one of abject misery and self-pity to one filled with hope, smiles and selflessness.

Read Endal’s story here. Simply extraordinary!

Some of the more prominent awards he’s won :-

  • 2000 “Dog of the Millennium”
  • 2002 the first ever “Lifetime Achievement” Golden Bone Awards
  • 2002 PDSA Gold Medal (UK equivalent of the George Cross) awarded to animals who have shown outstanding devotion to their duties in peace time.
  • 2003 Gold Blue Peter Badge the highest award for “outstanding bravery and courage”. One of only two ever awarded to dogs.
  • 2004  “Lifetime Achievement Award” (Wag and Bone Show)

Able magazine wrote in 2007, “Allen and Endal have become celebrities, with worldwide press attention focusing on Endal’s skills and abilities…” Wiki