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A True Minister of Christ

Find a man

who has the doctrine of Christ on his lips,

the Spirit of Christ in his heart

and the example of Christ in his life

and you find one of His genuine ministers.

Arthur Pink

Neon New York

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A Wise Man’s Rebuke

A gracious soul rejoices, when the sharp lance of the Word
has pierced his abscess of sin!

He wears a reproof like a jewel
on his ear: “Like an earring of gold or an ornament of fine gold
is a wise man’s rebuke to a listening ear.” Proverbs 25:12.

Thomas Watson

The Colours Of Fashion

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The Ministry of Joy

Joyfulness is everywhere commanded as a Christian duty. Discontent is a most detestable fault. Morbidness is a sin. Fretfulness grieves God. It tells of unbelief within the heart. It destroys the soul’s peace. It disfigures the beauty of Christian character. It not only makes us soured and unhappy in our own hearts—but its influence on others is harmful. We have no right to project the gloom of our discontent over any other life. Our ministry is to be ever toward joy. There is nothing so depressing in its effect upon others, as morbidness. Hence, for the sake of those among whom we live, and upon whose lives we are forever unconsciously either casting shadows or pouring sunshine, we should seek to learn this Christian art of contentment.

Affairs of The Eternal State

What a sudden and astonishing transition awaits me from time to eternity, from the material to the spiritual world! Today engaged in the affairs of life, and conversing with my friends, and tomorrow surrounded with millions of spirits, associated with angels, and employed in everlasting concerns! It will, therefore, be my wisdom daily to take farewell of the things of time, and get more and more acquainted with the eternal state.

quote from :

A Secret Survey into the State of the Soul

by James Meikle, 1730-1799