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Sleep in Complete Darkness

Be sure to sleep in complete darkness to optimize the release of melatonin.


Melatonin is a hormone which is essential to healthy sleep patterns and it also helps reduce the negative effects of cortisol.

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Sleep Your Way To Beauty

And health, Of course!

Sleep is one of the first rules of beauty. If we don’t rest our bodies completely at night we wake up exhausted, in a bad mood and not looking quite our best. I envy little babies that get to sleep for hours on end, look how good they look. I’m not saying we should sleep 12 or more hours a day like they do, but enough to keep us healthy.

It is better to sleep 6 hours of deep sleep than 9 hours of tossing and turning.


The recommended hours for a good night sleep in an adult are about 8 hours but each person has their own internal clock that allows them to sleep less or need more. In this day an age I think most of us need more sleep, there is not enough time in the day to get everything done and we are up all hours of the night trying to complete all our tasks.

Here are some suggestion on how to get a better night sleep: Make sure to go to bed at the same time every night, use a comfortable mattress, relax completely and forget about the day that has passed, take a warm bath with your favourite bath oil, and if all else fails drink a glass of warm milk, like mom use to give you or drink some chamomile tea (my salvation).

If we are able to keep a healthy lifestyle during the day, exercise regularly and eat well we will prevent bad nights and we will invite a deep sleep that will take us to our journey of our dreams and allow us to wake up bright and cheery the next morning.

source : loveantiaging

The Car I’m Waiting For

The Evo X. Coming soon to your driveway…. in a few more months.


The Evo X will feature a new six-speed automated manual transmission.

Suzuki Swift Sport Is Funny To Drive

Ha! Ha! This is the car to get if you want a funny drive …. as Infomotori, UK reports. “On its whole, Suzuki Swuift Soprt is funny to drive, sports and appealing, for a racing driving with excellent safety.

04/02/2007 Team 
They meant FUN of course!

What else did they say?

We drove Suzuki Swift Sport on hard roads, as we went across the mountains and we drove on bends, hairpin turns, bumps and bottlenecks. First of all, the car shows an outstanding steadiness: this allows maximum dynamics and a great driving pleasure, even if comfort is not maximum, of course. The car is amazing on bends, as it is precise and steady like a go-kart dressed up like a Suzuki Swift. When we are on highway, we miss a six speed gear, as engine really “yells” at 120 Km/h, and this reduces comfort inside the cab.
Anyway, the engine is great, and the steering wheel is precise and sensitive. Goodyear Eagle F1 195/45 R17 tyres fill the wheel arches, while wide four discs brakes guarantee a good braking system, accompanied by electronical system with ABS, EBD and ESP.


Civic Type R and Renaultsport Mégane R230 and MINI Cooper S and Focus ST

The Civic Type R has a normally aspirated 198bhp engine mated to a six-speed manual gearbox. In this Auto Expresstype-r-vs-others.jpg hot hatch battle against 3 other rather potent hatchbacks how will it fare?

The Outcome?

The Civic Type R is the top gun here.

It is more easy-going than its predecessor.

It is better to drive than every other car here – it wins this test by some distance.

Runner-up is the MINI Cooper S helped by its superb turbo engine and truly talented chassis.

The Focus ST is next.

The Mégane R230 is fourth.

Cars that did NOT make the cut! :-

  • VW Golf GTI Edition 30
  • Renaultsport Clio 197

  • Mazda 3 MPS
  • SEAT Leon FR


JCW now swallowed by BMW

BMW acquired rights to John Cooper Works brand name late 2006.

Deal signed in December 2006 and became effective January 2007.

Source : Forbes


Porsche gives Cayman a Sharper Look

Porsche has given its Cayman and Cayman S line of cars a sportier appearance by adding a new front lip and fixed rear-spoiler. Lift is reduced and you get greater stability at higher speeds. Porsche Exclusive in Germany  is pricing the kit at €3,500.cayman_aerokit.jpg