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Your Plane May Only Be Dumping Fuel

If a plane is having an emergency and needs to land sooner than planned, the pilot may have to dump fuel to lighten the aircraft for a safe landing. In the event of a crash landing, the risk of serious fire is greatly reduced if the fuel tanks are almost empty.

This video shows fuel being dumped from the jettison system in the left wing of an American Airlines Boeing 777-200. In this case it was a medical emergency.

and this KLM flight KL888 from Hongkong to Amsterdam on 25th Feb 2007 had to return to Hongkong because of a malfunctioning Krueger flap. 80,000kg of fuel was jettisoned!

“The 747-400 has a fuel jettison system to allow the airplane’s weight to be reduced quickly so that a safe landing can be made after an inflight emergency.” Boeing Airliner magazine


on January 1 2009, Air France flight 332 outbound from Paris to Boston u-turned and made its way back to Paris. Dumped fuel all because an unclaimed cellphone sparked fears of a bomb on board.


How To Tell If Your Plane Is Leaking Fuel!

Staff Sgt.Bachleda, of the U.S. Air Force spotted and filmed a jet wing leaking fuel in a an unending stream of white vapour. His alertness helped avert a potential catastrophe. cnn

Watch this CNN video carefully and learn how to spot a fuel leak! You could possibly save everyone on your flight!

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Deanna Durbin Alive and Well in France

Deanna Durbin (born December 4, 1921)
is a Canadian singer and actress, most popular during the 30s and 40s.

Durbin is perhaps best known for her singing voice—a voice described variously as light but full, sweet, unaffected and artless. With the technical skill and vocal range of a legitimate lyric soprano, she performed everything from popular standards to operatic arias. Dame Sister Mary Leo in New Zealand was so taken with Durbin’s technique that she trained all her students to sing in this way. Sister Mary Leo produced a large number of famous sopranos including Dames Malvina Major and Kiri Te Kanawa, all of whom were said to sound like her. Wiki

Deanna was the favorite actress of Winston Churchill.

In the sixty years since leaving Hollywood, she has rarely even given an interview. In 1980, she sent a current photo of herself to Life Magazine….via

Deanna Durbin Sings Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home lyrics

You Know I’m A Dreamer
But My Heart’s Of Gold
I Had To Run Away High
So I Wouldn’t Come Home Low
Just When Things Went Right
It Doesn’t Mean They Were Always Wrong
Just Take This Song
And You’ll Never Feel
Left All Alone

Take Me To Your Heart
Feel Me In Your Bones
Just One More Night
And I’m Comin’ Off This
Long & Winding Road

I’m On My Way
Well, I’m On My Way
Home Sweet Home
Tonight, Tonight
I’m On My Way
I’m On My Way
Home Sweet Home

You Know That I Seem
To Make Romantic Dreams
Up In Lights, Fallin’ Off
The Silver Screen

My Hearts Like An Open Book
For The Whole World To Read
Sometimes Nothing
Keeps Me Together
At The Seams

I’m On My Way
Well, I’m On My Way
Home Sweet Home
Tonight, Tonight
I’m On My Way
Just Set Me Free
Home Sweet Home

Uhmmm, I’m On My Way, Yeah
I’m On My Way
Home Sweet Home

Yeah…, I’m On My Way
Just Set Me Free
Home Sweet Home.

Liberace Interprets Chopsticks

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Flowing curves I like.


Great design by Sang Hoon Kim.
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This Time A Little Bit Trickier

2 pairs of legs dance out a Mozart tune.