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Moshi Will Do As It Is Told

Always. All the time!

Yes, Moshi the clock that talks will do your bidding.


Watch the video for a better idea of how voice-activated Moshi will respond to your verbal commands.

Will make a good gift for someone who is feeling a bit under the weather.

more at Gizmodo


Excuse Me But We Are Not Toy Dogs

Working dogs we are. Hmmmph! We have to earn our lunch!

Ms. Wang of Shenyang, NE China does her ‘marketing’ while her two cuties keep an eye on the veggies. Via


Fred Astaire Romances Ginger Rogers

My favourite Cole Porter song “Night and Day”.

Again? Yeah! Second post for this song!

Purple Sofa Named Lava

Looks good. Looks comfortable. Stylish definitely.


Versatile as it can be configured this way and that.


This is LAVA the creation of Studio Vertijet. See how it it looks in a living room.



Some Shimmering Sharps And Flats

from Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby.

Singing¬†“Now You Has Jazz”.

Gentlefolk of Newport
Or should I say “hats and cats,”
Please lend an ear That ye all may hear
Some shimmering sharps and flats.
For those cozy virtuosi,
Known as “hipsters” to the trade,
Wish to show you now Precisely how
Jazz music is made.

Take some skins, Jazz begins,
Take a bass Steady pace,
Take a box, One that rocks,
Take a blue horn New Orleans-born.
Take a stick With a lick,
Take a bone, Dixie-grown,
Take a spot, Cool and hot,
Now you has jazz jazz jazz, jazz, jazz.

Now you has 5x
Now you has jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz,
Now you Has, 3x
Now you has jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz.
Now you has jazz, 3x

If you sail Over the sea,
Take my tip They’re all molto hipIn Italy.
As for France, B’lieve it or not,
Frenchmen all Prefer what they call “Le Jazz Hot.”
Take a plane Go to Siam,
In Bangkok Today, ’round the clock, They have a jam.
Indians on The Amazon
Beat one bar And all of ’em are Gone, man, gone.
From the Equator Up to the Pole,
Through the air You hear ev’rywhere Rock and roll.
From the East Out to the West,
Jazz is king, ‘Cause jazz is the thing
Folks Dig Best

A Home With Great Views And A Beautiful Julia Palmer Interior

It’s a villa in Mallorca with sweeping views of the bay.

mv (1)

Julia Palmer of London transformed it into a livable home with her vision for the interior.

By using a contemporary neutral scheme with accents of colours reflecting the artwork & furniture as well as the colours of the Mediterranean to create a calm, elegant tranquil environment for a family to relax and enjoy.

mv (4)A fresh Mediterranean Contemporary style. adelto


mv (6)

Kiss Under The Bridge of Sighs At Sunset

And in a gondola and when the bells toll.

Do all that and your love will last forever.

The two youngsters are determined to try out the legend for themselves, but they cannot travel without a guardian and must bring along Julius, who isn’t quite what he appears to be. This sweet and innocent movie about teen romance won’t fail to bring a tear and a smile in its heart-tugging finale. Delerue’s score is lovely. tvguide The score scored him an oscar.

Diane Lane, born January 22, 1965, born and raised in New York City, made her screen debut in a 1979 film “A Little Romance”, starring opposite Laurence Olivier. wiki

And here’s a longer clip for those who want to see a bit more of this movie.