Lassie Can Do Bruce Lee

Hahaha! Goold ole Lassie does some spiffy Bruce Lee style moves and sends the bewildered cougar scampering!


Daan Mulder Designs Form Follows Function Sofa

Sofa named “Form Follows Function” is manufactured from laser cut steel plates. Designed by Dutch designer Daan Mulder.


Umbrella That Whacks As Strong As A Steel Pipe

This is how strong and hard this Unbreakable Umbrella is. Use as a walking stick or cane and no one will know you’ve got a weapon in your hand. Weighs less than 2 lb. Carried by the Presidential Security Group (PSG) of the Philippines President.


Ideal self-defense weapons are those that are legal to carry everywhere, do not attract attention, are simple to use, and do not require practice.

How to use this bashing brolly:

Fiona Apple: Why Try To Change Me Now

The lyrics to the song:

Why Try to Change Me Now
Frank Sinatra

I’m sentimental
So I walk in the rain
I’ve got some habits
Even I can’t explain
Could start for the corner
Turn up in Spain
But why try to change me now

I sit and daydream
I’ve got daydreams galore
Cigarette ashes
There they go on the floor
I’ll go away weekends
Leave my keys in the door
But why try to change me now

Why can’t I be more conventional
People talk
People stare
So I try
But that’s not for me
Cause I can’t see
My kind of crazy world
Go passing me by

So let people wonder
Let ’em laugh
Let ’em frown
You know I’ll love you
Till the moon’s upside down
Don’t you remember
I was always your clown
Why try to change me now

Sensational Driving In A Feisty Fiesta

How do you rate yourself as a driver? Above average? Watch this Ken Block video and ask yourself this question again…

Simply amazing!

7362 acres of Mull of Kintyre for a mere £3 Million?

A country estate made famous by Sir Paul McCartney’s song Mull of Kintyre has been put up for sale. BBC News

Carskiey Estate is an idyllic getaway spot with over 9 miles of dramatic coastline and a climate that is cushioned by the Gulf Stream. 7,362 acres and includes the Mull of Kintyre, one of Scotland’s renowned land masses which attained international recognition as a result of the Paul McCartney song.
Occupying the south western section of the Kintyre Peninsula, it includes the sandy beaches of the crescent-shaped Carskey Bay and the rugged cliffs of the western end, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
I ought to hurry and buy it up quick before somebody else grabs this piece of prime real estate.

700 Palms Residence The Venice

I wouldn’t mind having a living space like this one with a beautiful mature tree in the garden blending in nicely. The home is The Venice, a California based 700 Palms Residence.