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Lassie Can Do Bruce Lee

Hahaha! Goold ole Lassie does some spiffy Bruce Lee style moves and sends the bewildered cougar scampering!


Excuse Me But We Are Not Toy Dogs

Working dogs we are. Hmmmph! We have to earn our lunch!

Ms. Wang of Shenyang, NE China does her ‘marketing’ while her two cuties keep an eye on the veggies. Via


Dogs Can Read In North Vancouver

How else would you account for this sign?


Drinking Evian Can Give Your Baby Astounding Abilities

Still in diapers but boy can they dance!

And skate!

And perform back-flips!


See My Pet Dog “M” Doing The Squeeze

“M” is his name and squeezing through the grill is his game. Well, one of anyway.
M is a Spitz and Terrier mix.

Gorilla Drummer

A gorilla plays the drum solo of Phil Collins’ track ‘In the Air Tonight’.

No. Not a real gorilla!

Yes. Just someone in a monkey suit!

Chopsticks And A Movie Named Big

Dancing on the keyboard.

Usually accomplished with 10 fingers.

Not this time though!