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Icy Or Buttery Or Jellied Alphabet

Take your pick.

Alphabet Ice


will shape the alphabets for you.


All 26 of them.


For which you’ll need all 3 trays.

Food grade silicone rubber is what it’s made of so that aspect is fine. gizmodiva and wellsphere

Charming Corner Cafe

Paris Halles


Evening @ La Vagenende

La Vagenende is well known for its mirrors.


Oldest Cafe in Paris

Le Procope, Paris

It;s been serving coffee for centuries!!!  As long ago as the 1600’s!


Cafe Concert

Cafe Concert is near the Pompidou Center.


Hangout for Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Camus

Modigliani, Picasso and Soutine used to sip coffee at this cafe as well.

Cafe de Flore, Latin Quartercafe-2.jpg

VivoCity Is A Good Reason To Pay Singapore A Visit

VivoCity is the newly opened largest mall in Singapore with over 1 million square feet of retail space.

  • a 300m waterfront promenade
  • rooftop play pool, the size of 4 Olympic swimming pools


  • Singapore’s largest multiplex cinema
  • a brand new concept hypermarket
  • an open-air courtyard on Level 2 with interactive water features
  • virtual tour of VivoCity
  • the mall’s official launch will be on Dec 1 2006


  • more info
  • feedback from someone who was there for all of 7 hours!