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Avant-Garde Monaco House in Melbourne

If you want to meet the Honorary Consul of Monaco, this is the place in CBD Melbourne to come knocking.


Robert McBride of McBride Charles Ryan is the man behind this sculpted 4-storey office.

Awards won :-

  • AIA (VIC) Sir Osborn McCutcheon Award – Commercial
  • 2008 Premier’s Design Award – Commercial Architecture, State of Design Awards.



Silent Cycling From Trek

Chains are messy. And noisy.

It’s good news then that there is an option available.

Belt driven cycles.


This one is a single speed from Trek named the District. $930.

The belt is a carbon fiber composite. Meaning it is tough!

More here

Containers Designed For Homes

Housing containers are made expressly for housing people.

Not for transporting cargo.


So here’s the 2+ Weekend House.

Designed by Jure Kotnik Arcitekt for ConHouse using 2 purpose-built for-homes-containers.