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Daan Mulder Designs Form Follows Function Sofa

Sofa named “Form Follows Function” is manufactured from laser cut steel plates. Designed by Dutch designer Daan Mulder.



700 Palms Residence The Venice

I wouldn’t mind having a living space like this one with a beautiful mature tree in the garden blending in nicely. The home is The Venice, a California based 700 Palms Residence.

A Yacht Designed By Porsche

If I have a few billion in my pocket, I might consider getting a yacht.

Something that looks as good as this one from Porsche Design Studio.

It’s a 41 metre catamaran with two 4,600hp MTU 16V 4000 M93L diesel engines and two Rolls-Royce KaMeWa waterjets. Top speed is 35 knots.

No indication of price…

Just as well, I only need to hire one for a few months.


A Dream Of A Bathroom

The bathtub here is like an island surrounded by water. And the seaview makes this particular space a dream of a room.

Just be careful not to linger in it longer than you should!


Artifully Crafted Straw-In-Acrylic Screen

It’s only straw. Plain rye straw.  But see how it becomes something pretty when encased in resin and acrylic as in this 3-piece screen.  Via  trendir and cubeme.

straw screen

£2,500 at Farm 21

Icy Or Buttery Or Jellied Alphabet

Take your pick.

Alphabet Ice


will shape the alphabets for you.


All 26 of them.


For which you’ll need all 3 trays.

Food grade silicone rubber is what it’s made of so that aspect is fine. gizmodiva and wellsphere

Look Cool Cycling In The Dark

Fabulous looking especially in the dark with the luminescent frame glowing in cool blue.

This is the bike Pulse from bike-maker Teague.


The frame illuminates only when needed.


The handlebars come with electronic turn signals.


and core77

The view from behind.