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Kartell Componibili – A Timeless Design By Anna Ferrier

Anna Castelli Ferrier, Italian architect

and industrial designer, designed this modular storage system for Kartell.

3 decades on, it still looks good.

Exhibited in both the Museum of Modern Art in New York

and the George Pompidou Centre in Paris.
Made of ABS, so it should be tough.
Priced from $37 to $105. Get it here.


Haus Modelled On A Fighter Jet

An F117 to be specific.

Metal cladding in black.

Behold Haus F in Kronberg, Germany.

Lovely and bright interior.


Beach House Precariously Perched?

Somewhere along the Great Ocean Drive sits this beach house.

A daring design. The slope it sits on is a steep 45 degrees.

This is the Separation Creek House by architectural sculptors Jackson Clements Burrows (JCB) Architect.

Great view from the deck!

see Wallpaper