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Umbrella That Whacks As Strong As A Steel Pipe

This is how strong and hard this Unbreakable Umbrella is. Use as a walking stick or cane and no one will know you’ve got a weapon in your hand. Weighs less than 2 lb. Carried by the Presidential Security Group (PSG) of the Philippines President.


Ideal self-defense weapons are those that are legal to carry everywhere, do not attract attention, are simple to use, and do not require practice.

How to use this bashing brolly:


Excuse Me But We Are Not Toy Dogs

Working dogs we are. Hmmmph! We have to earn our lunch!

Ms. Wang of Shenyang, NE China does her ‘marketing’ while her two cuties keep an eye on the veggies. Via


Build Your Home In A Single Day

Or if you’re not in a big hurry, take a couple more days.

This is the MasterFit system from Japan.

And skilled labour is NOT required.

Frame components are labeled and shipped to building sites as a kit of parts. Because they are assembled with interlocking metal pegs and plates, the frames can be erected by construction teams with minimal training, rather than skilled

In this video, 3 workers erect a 2 storey house.

Rock Solid Concrete Transmits Light

LiTraCon is Light Transmitting Concrete and the 2001 invention of Hungarian architect Áron Losonczi. Optical glass fibres in parallel are mixed into concrete to achieve the special effect. Gizmag
The silhouette of a girl can be seen through the translucent concrete. Here:


Litracon appeals to architects because it is stronger than glass and translucent unlike concrete. wiki

video here :-

and another

Programmable LED Cubes and The Artistry of Light

Fancy having one of these cubes in your living room?

Or at every table of your dimly-lit restaurant?

You know keep the diners distracted while waiting for their orders to show up.

The display in this video is run from the pc.

This one you can buy.

Or order a container load and sell them and make a couple of million.


Bruce Lee Ping Pongs Using Nunchaku

Or nunchucks if you prefer.

A viral video from Nokia China and some dazzling special effects!

and this one with slo-mo

Laverda Supersidecar

This is definitely not a dull or boring vehicle. Meet the Snaefell.
It’s the handiwork of François Knorreck of Italy who took a long ten years to bring his dream sidecar to fruition.


This is firstly a 1000cc Laverda motorcycle.

It was then  mated to bits of a Golf GTI, an Audi 80 and a Citroen Xantia! likecool