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Top 5 Sources of Monounsaturated Fat

Top 5 sources of monounsaturated fat:

1. Extra-virgin olive oil 20 grams per ounce

2. Canola oil 16 grams per ounce

3. Pecans 12 grams per ounce

4. Almonds 10 grams per ounce

5. Cashews 8 grams per ounce

Research shows men who eat more monounsaturated fat have higher testosterone levels which is great for gaining muscle.

A monounsaturated fat molecule is liquid at body temperature and allows LDL cholesterol to pass more easily into your liver and out of your body. That is good news for you cos it reduces your heart-disease risk.



Oz Pricing for BMW M3 M5 and M6

Australian BMW Prices

BMW M3 E92   : A$157,000
6 speed manual coupe 8 cylinders


BMW M5 E60   : A$231,500
7 speed manual sedan 10 cylinders


BMW M6 E63   : $279,400
7 speed manual coupe 10 cylinders


A Simple Tip That Could Save Your Life

and the lives of your loved ones.

DO NOT fly on any airline other than reputable ones like Qantas or Air New Zealand

or Emirates.

See which airlines have a better safety record here at Airsafe 

Best Seats For Surviving A Plane Crash

Where you are seated could well save your life in the event of a crash landing.

Pick a seat close to an exit door.

Pick an aisle seat. Every second matters.

Pick the rear portion of the aircraft as passengers in the tail of the aircraft have a 40% better chance of out-surviving those in the front! Not good news for those who prefer flying 1st class!


Note : Sept 16 2007 Flight One-Two-Go Airlines OG 269, an MD82 crashed on landing in Phuket. Wind shear suspected as likely cause.


More died than survived. 89 deaths. 41 injured but alive.

Spectacularly Performing KTM X-Bow

Audi and Dallara helped Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM to come up with the X-Bow – its first ever car.

And what a car!

Stunningly stylish to look at.

And a sensation on the track.

video from Streetfire

Dallara of Varano Italy helped design the 70kg carbon fibre monocoque.

Weighing in at 700kg and coupled with 220hp from an Audi turbocharged inline-4 TFSI powerplant, this racer is designed for speed.

3.9 seconds is all it takes to reach 100kph from standstill.

This rwd uses a VW manual 6-gear transmission.

Brakes supplied by Brembo.

Four-point safety belts are used.

2 Roll bars.

Dallara’s expertise enables the X-Bow to achieve a phenomenal downforce of about 200 kg at a speed of 200 kmh.

Hmm – so what, you say?

That simply means it has about three times more downforce  than most other supersport cars. Great for tackling the bends like an F1 machine.



Mini Clubman Video Tour

See the Clubman up close and in motion.


here at AutomotiveTV

Enjoyable Driving From The Mini With A Clubdoor

A mini with a bit more room.

Meet the Mini Clubman Cooper S with a less than full-size door for folks in the back – the Clubdoor.

The Sunday Times gives this longer mini a solid thumbs up!

review here