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When you need someone to cheer you

Frank Sinatra sings

All The Way

When somebody loves you
Its no good unless he loves you – all the way
Happy to be near you
When you need someone to cheer you – all the way

  • Taller than the tallest tree is
    That’s how its got to feel
    Deeper than the deep blue sea is
    That’s how deep it goes – if its real
  • When somebody needs you
    Its no good unless he needs you – all the way
    Through the good or lean years
    And for all the in between years – come what may
  • Who knows where the road will lead us
    Only a fool would say
    But if you’ll let me love you
    Its for sure I’m gonna love you – all the way, all the way

London Garage Measuring 20ft by 9ft Sold For More Than A Million Dollars!

  • £650,000 to be precise. That’s more than double the expected price. See my preceding post.
  • reported here and here
  • It must have been an auction.
  • The price is simply mind blowing!
  • The garage in Egerton Terrace, Chelsea was sold in January 11, 2006.
  • chelsea-garage-2.jpg

    USD540,000 For A Single Garage In London!

    • Yeap! It is £300,000! For a  garage in Chelsea’s Egerton Terrace that measures just 20ft by 9ft. Yes! 180 sq. ft.


    • Patrick Aschan, an agent with Cluttons had this to say: “Freehold garages are rare and this one is part of a pair – the other one sold some years ago.”
    • The report here
      That was the asking price.Read my next post to see how much it actually fetch!

    Audi TT MTM

    • MTM of Wettstetten, Germany gives the TT a little makeover.


    • MTM-TT uses the 2.0 TFSI with 200 bhp as base.
    • MTM gives tuning versions of 250 bhp, 272 bhp, and 313 bhp (292 lb-ft at 3,230 rpm)
    • The 3.2 V6 engine will get a 340 bhp version which the V6 engine generates with an MTM supercharger.
    • The TT acquires a considerably more individual look when kitted out with MTM in-house-developed “Bimoto” rims.
    • link

    Latest Audi TT Voted Most Beautiful Car of the Year.

    • Readers of Germany’s AutoBild magazine have voted the Audi TT the most beautiful car of the year. The survey refers to the recently-redesigned 2007/2008 model year TT.


    EPA : The Top Fuel Misers By Class

    EPA Thumbs Up For Fuel Economy by Vehicle Class belongs to:

    • Two-Seater: Mazda MX-5 (manual) 25/30
    • Minicompact: New Beetle Convertible 22/30
    • Subcompact: Toyota Yaris (manual) 34/40
    • Compact: Honda Civic Hybrid 49/51
    • Midsize: Toyota Prius (hybrid) 60/51
    • Large: Hyundai Sonata (manual) 24/34
    • Small Station Wagon: Honda Fit 33/38
    • Midsize Station Wagon: Ford Focus Wagon (manual) 27/37
    • SUV: Ford Escape Hybrid FWD 36/31
    • Minivan: Dodge Caravan 2WD 20/26
    • Pickup Truck: Ford Ranger Pickup 2WD (manual) 24/29 & Mazda B2300 2WD (manual) 24/29
    • Van (Cargo&Passenger): Chevrolet G1500/2500 Chevy Van 2WD 15/20 (4.3 and 5.3 liter engines) & GMC G1500/2500 Savana 2WD Cargo 15/20 (4.3 and 5.3 liter engines)

    The EPA Fuel Guzzlers By Class

    Lousiest Fuel Economy by Vehicle Class:

    • Two Seater: Lamborghini L-147/148 Murcielago 9/14
    • Minicompact: Aston Martin DB9 Coupe & Volante (manual) 11/18
    • Subcompact: Bentley Azure 11/16
    • Compact: Bentley Continental GT 12/19
    • Midsize: Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 10/17
    • Large: Bentley Arnage LWB 10/15
    • Small Station Wagon: Audi S4 Avant 15/21
    • Midsize Station Wagon: Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon 14/20
    • SUV: Jeep Grande Cherokee 4WD 12/15
    • Minivan: Ford Freestar Cargo Van FWD 17/23 + Ford Freestar Wagon FWD 17/23 + Mercury Monterey Wagon FWD 17/23
    • Pickup Truck: Nissan Titan 4WD 13/18
    • Van (Passenger and Cargo): Chevrolet G15/25 series 14/18 & Chevrolet H1500/2500 series 14/18 & GMC G15/25 series 14/18 & GMC H1500/2500 series 14/18