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Fiona Apple: Why Try To Change Me Now

The lyrics to the song:

Why Try to Change Me Now
Frank Sinatra

I’m sentimental
So I walk in the rain
I’ve got some habits
Even I can’t explain
Could start for the corner
Turn up in Spain
But why try to change me now

I sit and daydream
I’ve got daydreams galore
Cigarette ashes
There they go on the floor
I’ll go away weekends
Leave my keys in the door
But why try to change me now

Why can’t I be more conventional
People talk
People stare
So I try
But that’s not for me
Cause I can’t see
My kind of crazy world
Go passing me by

So let people wonder
Let ’em laugh
Let ’em frown
You know I’ll love you
Till the moon’s upside down
Don’t you remember
I was always your clown
Why try to change me now


When The Dark Night Delivers The Day

“Nocturne” was the winning song in the Eurovision Song Contest 1995, performed in Norwegian by Secret Garden representing Norway. wiki

Wonderful melody. Not so sure what to make of the lyrics but what a lovely tune!

Nocturnes are generally thought of as being tranquil, often expressive and lyrical, and sometimes rather gloomy, but in practice pieces with the name nocturne have conveyed a variety of moods: the second of Debussy’s orchestral Nocturnes, “Fêtes”, for example, is very lively. wiki

Secret Garden is an Irish-Norwegian duo playing New Instrumental Music, also understood by some as Neo-classical music. Secret Garden is made up of Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and Norwegian composer Rolf Løvland. wiki

Lyrics by Petter Skavlan

Now, let the day
Just slip away
So the dark night may watch over you
Velvet, blue
Silent, true
It embraces your heart and your soul

Never cry – never sigh
You don’t have to wonder why
Always be – always see
Come and dream the night with me

Have no fear
When the night draws near
And fills you with dreams and desire
Like a child asleep
So warm, so deep
You will find me there waiting for you

We will fly – claim the sky
We don’t have to wonder why
Always see – always be
Come and dream the night with me

Though darkness lay
It will give way
When the dark night delivers the day

Sung in English :-

Fred Astaire Romances Ginger Rogers

My favourite Cole Porter song “Night and Day”.

Again? Yeah! Second post for this song!

Some Shimmering Sharps And Flats

from Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby.

Singing “Now You Has Jazz”.

Gentlefolk of Newport
Or should I say “hats and cats,”
Please lend an ear That ye all may hear
Some shimmering sharps and flats.
For those cozy virtuosi,
Known as “hipsters” to the trade,
Wish to show you now Precisely how
Jazz music is made.

Take some skins, Jazz begins,
Take a bass Steady pace,
Take a box, One that rocks,
Take a blue horn New Orleans-born.
Take a stick With a lick,
Take a bone, Dixie-grown,
Take a spot, Cool and hot,
Now you has jazz jazz jazz, jazz, jazz.

Now you has 5x
Now you has jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz,
Now you Has, 3x
Now you has jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz.
Now you has jazz, 3x

If you sail Over the sea,
Take my tip They’re all molto hipIn Italy.
As for France, B’lieve it or not,
Frenchmen all Prefer what they call “Le Jazz Hot.”
Take a plane Go to Siam,
In Bangkok Today, ’round the clock, They have a jam.
Indians on The Amazon
Beat one bar And all of ’em are Gone, man, gone.
From the Equator Up to the Pole,
Through the air You hear ev’rywhere Rock and roll.
From the East Out to the West,
Jazz is king, ‘Cause jazz is the thing
Folks Dig Best

The Night Is Like A Lovely Tune

Born 1924 Margaret Whiting is still alive today. 85 and ….singing. Wiki

Here she sings “My Foolish Heart” – a truly lovely rendition!.

Lyrics :

My Foolish Heart

The night is like a lovely tune
Beware, my foolish heart
How white, the ever constant moon
Take care, my foolish heart

There’s a line between love and fascination
That’s hard to see, on an evening such as this
‘Cause they both give the very same sensation
When you’re lost in the magic of a kiss

Her lips, are much too close to mine
Beware, my foolish heart
But should our eager lips combine
Then let the fire start

‘Cause this time, it isn’t fascination
Or a dream that will fade and fall apart
It’s love this time, it’s love my foolish heart
My foolish heart

Her lips, are much too close to mine
Beware, my foolish heart
But should our eager lips combine
Then let the fire start

‘Cause this time, it isn’t fascination
Or a dream that will fade and fall apart
It’s love this time, it’s love my foolish heart
It’s love this time, it’s love my foolish heart

Michelle Pfeiffer Sings!

“Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”

“More Than You Know”

“Ten Cents A Dance”


“Makin’ Whoopee”

Jane Monheit Sings “Over The Rainbow”

Jazz vocalist Jane Monheit voiced her very first audible  sound on 3 Nov 1977.

via emusic :


At the tender age of 20, New York vocalist Jane Monheit was the first runner-up in the 1998 Theolonius Monk Institute vocal competition, winning a $10,000 scholarship to further her musical education. Judges couldn’t exactly place her sound, which blended natural elegance with potent yet impressively controlled presentation, and by 2000 Monheit had joined Diana Krall as one of the highest-touted female talents in jazz. That May she signed to N-Coded and released her debut, Never Never Land. Angelic and conservative, Monheit’s structured set of ten popular standards illustrated her still-emerging vocal talents. Come Dream with Me arrived in 2001; it consisted of several standards as well as a few lesser-known jazz compositions. The album wasn’t as widely praised as her debut, but her growth as a performer was still evident. Since that time she has released several albums, including In the Sun in 2002, Taking a Chance on Love in 2004, the holiday-themed Season in 2005, and Surrender in 2007.
— MacKenzie Wilson , All Music Guide