Same Thing Happened In 2003 : Flight SQ286

What : Boeing 747 flight SQ286, tail strike during take-off

When : 12 March 2003

Where : Auckland International Airport

Who : 369 passengers, 17 cabin crew and 3 pilots

The pilot error : Understated weight by 100 tonnes. (exactly the same number as in previous post!)



What happened next :

passengers, 17 cabin crew and 3 pilots

When the captain rotated the aeroplane for lift-off the tail struck
the runway and scraped for some 490 metres until the aeroplane became
airborne. The tail strike occurred because the rotation speed was 33
knots less than the 163 knots required for the aeroplane weight. The
rotation speed had been mistakenly calculated for an aeroplane
weighing 100 tonnes less than the actual weight of 9V-SMT. A take-off
weight transcription error, which remained undetected, led to the
miscalculation of the take-off data, which in turn resulted in a low
thrust setting and excessively slow take-off reference speeds. aviationkb

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