Some Shimmering Sharps And Flats

from Louis Armstrong and Bing Crosby.

Singing “Now You Has Jazz”.

Gentlefolk of Newport
Or should I say “hats and cats,”
Please lend an ear That ye all may hear
Some shimmering sharps and flats.
For those cozy virtuosi,
Known as “hipsters” to the trade,
Wish to show you now Precisely how
Jazz music is made.

Take some skins, Jazz begins,
Take a bass Steady pace,
Take a box, One that rocks,
Take a blue horn New Orleans-born.
Take a stick With a lick,
Take a bone, Dixie-grown,
Take a spot, Cool and hot,
Now you has jazz jazz jazz, jazz, jazz.

Now you has 5x
Now you has jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz,
Now you Has, 3x
Now you has jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz, jazz.
Now you has jazz, 3x

If you sail Over the sea,
Take my tip They’re all molto hipIn Italy.
As for France, B’lieve it or not,
Frenchmen all Prefer what they call “Le Jazz Hot.”
Take a plane Go to Siam,
In Bangkok Today, ’round the clock, They have a jam.
Indians on The Amazon
Beat one bar And all of ’em are Gone, man, gone.
From the Equator Up to the Pole,
Through the air You hear ev’rywhere Rock and roll.
From the East Out to the West,
Jazz is king, ‘Cause jazz is the thing
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