The New Mk6 Golf GTI Looks Underwhelming But..

The 6th GTI lacks drama in the looks department but the experts reckon it is a good deal better than the mk5.

gti front

Let’s see what’s new and improved:-

  • an improved oil pump
  • new induction system
  • high-pressure fuel pump
  • 210bhp (up 10bhp)
  • 0-62mph in 6.9 seconds (0.3s quicker)
  • Max speed 149mph (3mph quicker)
  • 206lbs/ft torque (arrives at 1700rpm)
  • new XDS electronic diagonal differential lock
  • updated ESP
  • DCC electronic damper control
  • R32-style twin tailpipes

Adrian Higgins of Autotrader UK says “Our test route between Nice and St Tropez ranged from motorway driving to hairpin climbs and descents and we were glad of the refinement improvements which make the MK IV such a liveable car.”

Greg Emmerson drives the Mk6 GTI hard on possibly the best road in southern France, the Col de Vence and gives his verdict in Eurotuner.

“Driving at triple-digit speeds, we found amazing steering precision. Exiting corners with the traction control on, you got satisfying wheelspin as full power was applied, whereas the old system would cut the ignition as power was robbed to restore traction. This new system was far more natural and significantly quicker across country.”

Greg concludes: “It’s still incredibly satisfying to drive.”

Reviewed here by supervroum2:

Fifth Gear’s review by Johnny Smith here :

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