Perry Como’s Personal Favourite

Ask Perry Como which of all the songs he’s recorded is his personal favourite, and he’ll answer: “Till the End of Time”. Perhaps it’s his sentimental favourite, but whatever the reason, this is the tune that fully deserves Perry’s admiration, because this is the one that started it all. It launched his career as a major solo artist in 1945 and was the first of a continuing string of 13 Gold Records. kokomo

“Till the End of Time” was Perry Como’s first #1 hit song and was written by lyricist Buddy Kaye and composer Ted Mossman and published in 1945. The melody is based on Frédéric Chopin’s Polonaise in A flat major, Op. 53, the “Polonaise héroique”. Wiki

And here he is in black and white:

and here are the lyrics:

Till The End Of Time Lyrics

Till the end of time,
long as stars are in the blue,
long as there’s a spring, a bird to sing,
I;ll go on loving you.

Till the end of time,
long as roses bloom in May,
my love for you will grow deeper,
with every passing day.

Till the wells run dry,
and each mountain disappears,
I’ll be there for you, to care for you,
through laughter and through tears.

So, take my heart in sweet surrender,
and tenderly say that I’m,
the one you love and live for,
till the end of time.

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