Yuneec E430 Electric Aircraft

Airplanes are loud. But not this one!

The E430 sails through round 2 of test flights in Shanghai.

Yuneecs company test pilot, Sun Xun (3,600hrs), was delighted with the way the E430 handled but commented that for him the most surprising feature is how quiet and smooth it is, even at full power during the low pass.

The E430 has a 13.8m wingspan and is powered by a 40kw (54bhp) electric motor. Its maker stated that the plane has a flight time of roughly two hours when using a six-pack lithium polymer battery and three hours when using a 10-pack battery.

Yuneec said that during a recent series of tests flights in China, the E430 was able to reach a top speed of around 93mph (150 km/h) and climb to a hight of 300m (975ft).

The plane’s next outing will be at the annual Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) AirVenture Convention in Wisconsin, North America. After which the E430 will be shipped to California where it’ll undergo Federal Aviation Administration tests to clear it for commercial sales in North America. reghardware

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