Spectacularly Performing KTM X-Bow

Audi and Dallara helped Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM to come up with the X-Bow – its first ever car.

And what a car!

Stunningly stylish to look at.

And a sensation on the track.

video from Streetfire

Dallara of Varano Italy helped design the 70kg carbon fibre monocoque.

Weighing in at 700kg and coupled with 220hp from an Audi turbocharged inline-4 TFSI powerplant, this racer is designed for speed.

3.9 seconds is all it takes to reach 100kph from standstill.

This rwd uses a VW manual 6-gear transmission.

Brakes supplied by Brembo.

Four-point safety belts are used.

2 Roll bars.

Dallara’s expertise enables the X-Bow to achieve a phenomenal downforce of about 200 kg at a speed of 200 kmh.

Hmm – so what, you say?

That simply means it has about three times more downforce  than most other supersport cars. Great for tackling the bends like an F1 machine.



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