575bhp VW Golf R32 Twin Turbo

How do you make an R32 do a 0-60-mph run in just 3.5 seconds?r32-hpa.png

You start by giving this guys a call – HPA Motorsport.How HPA tunes up a standard Golf R32 from 250bhp to 575bhp :-Work on the engine

  • upgraded engine bearings
  • special head spacer system
  • custom air inlet box

Add twin turbochargers

  • twin front-mount aluminum intercoolers
  • special intake manifold

Work on the suspension

  • KW Variant three fully-adjustable coil-over shocks and springs.

Work on the brakes

  • Brembo eight-piston calipers replete with four brake pads that clamp 14.4-inch diameter rotors–a package specially built by Brembo for HPA.

Use lighter rims

  • OZ Racing 19×8-inch alloy wheels look similar to the stock R32 wheels but offer lighter weight and increased width to work with the Dunlop Sport Maxx 235/35ZR19 tires.

Upgrade the exhaust

  • HPA-built stainless-steel custom twin-bypass exhaust system

Motor Trend article hereand video

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