Your Choice of Car Colour Says Something About You

According to psychologists, the colour of your car clues them in on the kinda person you are.

Here’s more…

  • Today, it is believed that the color of your car speaks volumes about your personality and driving habits. Business people would choose cars with darker colors, buses and truck drivers like lighter colors, and sports cars drivers often choose cars with strong staring colors.
  • From Wikipedia:

  • “A Swedish study found pink cars safest, with black cars most likely to be involved in crashes (Land transport NZ 2005).”

  • “An Auckland, New Zealand studies found a significantly lower risk of serious injury in silver cars; with high risks for brown, black, and green cars. (Furness et al, 2003)”

So, according to psychologists :

  • red  – full of zest, energy and drive, brave, ambitious and impatient characters, who also think, move and talk quickly. The color red is a synonym for sex, speed, thoroughness and dynamism.


  • Brown or orange  – you are practical, independent and like to race.
  • Yellow  – idealistic,novelty loving, intelligent and warm.
  • Green  – careful and unsociable, but also has hysterical tendencies!
  • Blue  – imaginative, loyal, and trustworthy people.
  • Pink   – gentle, loving and affectionate drivers.
  • Silver and grey  – cool, calm, and slightly aloof and who is prone to criticizing other drivers!
  • Black  – stubborn, disciplined people, who like classic cars and elegance. They are not easy to manipulate!
  • White  – status-seeking, extrovert drivers, who are also optimistic, simple and who you can rely upon.

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    • Katie
    • November 5th, 2006

    I’d also suggest that a car’s visibility on the road (especially when lighting is not perfect) would impact it’s safety. Much easier to see a pink/white/silver car than a black/brown/dark green…

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