The Best Way to Buy Gold

Got this tip from while watching Bloomberg.

Investment consultants, Euro Pacific Capital recommends :-

When it comes to the purchase of physical gold, silver or platinum, however, one investment stands out: the Perth Mint Certificate Program.

Advantages cited :-

  • Fair Price –Under the Perth Mint Certificate Program, investors purchase metals at the Perth Mint spot market ask WITH NO MARK-UP. The only costs investors need to know about are, as with any quality investment, completely transparent: this program charges a 2% service fee and a $50 administrative fee.
  • Free Storage – choose this program’s unallocated bullion option and you can store your metal at the Mint for free indefinitely.
  • Fully Guaranteed – Perth Mint account is fully guaranteed by the AAA-rated Government of Western Australia, who is further insured by Lloyds of London, making the Perth Mint the only government backed bullion storage facility in the world.
  • Transferable – For a simple administrative fee of $50, an owner can change title of these certificates at any time.
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