An Island Named Agreste

Designed by Alessandro Mendini for Alessi, the Agreste is a very modern kitchen with a sleek and clean design that comprises :

  • a single-block island
  • several wall-mounted column storage units
  • all produced by Valcucine
  • island is all stainless steel
  • column storage units are ebonised wood with leaf-shaped inlays
  • matching ebonized wood counter is partially overlapping the island to outline a breakfast area
  • round stainless steel Foster sink is sunk into the countertop
  • Oras 8520 faucet designed by Stefano Giovanonni
  • Foster pyroceram cooktop is curved to repeat the shape of the island
  • Valcucine hood
  • agreste.jpg

Zoom in and it looks like this …

more info here

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