Psst! Car Park in Park Lane! Only £95,000!

You : Say, I need a safe spot somewhere in Mayfair for my Mini Cooper S, there …

Agent : Be quick! we have just the thing, sir!

You : Where exactly?

Agent : Underneath Park Lane, near Hyde Park Corner. And it is secure!

You : Excellent! Hold it for me please! I’ll be right over…

Agent : Ehmm! It is ninety-five grand, sir!

You : Fabulous!


Yessiree! Cheeeeep! After all it’s a W1 address for your Mini!

note : £37.50 for 24 hours at the NLP carpark beneath the London Hilton. Park Lane is the most expensive property square in Monopoly. Remember?

A brand new Mini Cooper S Checkmate with a panoramic sunroof, DSC, H Kardon hifi and several other extras costs £19,215 in the UK.


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