Tai Pan The Combat Dagger

Ahem, serious blade this. But at a mighty $210 each, I don’t suppose you’ll be in a mad rush to get one.

I like the classic look.

But see the brief video clip at Cold Steel’s website here to see how deadly this sharpie can be!

$209.95 at KnifeCenter

Weight 10.8 oz.
Blade Length: 7-1/2″
Overall Length: 13″
Handle: polymer
Steel AUS 8A Stainless

The Tai Pan features

  • a sturdy spear point
  • razor sharp twin edges
  • used with skill, the Tai Pan can cut a 180 arc up or down or from side to side with devastating effect. Watch the video clip!
  • The balance point of the Tai Pan is just behind the guard.
  • tapered, black Kraton® handle with a unique flattened oval cross section.
  • Meticulously fashioned from 300 series stainless steel, the traditional style tsuba and bolster offer both added safety and beauty.
  • The Tai Pan comes complete with a high quality black leather sheath.
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