Beef Dish A Whirlwind of Flavor

The dish? Braised Short Ribs, Smoked Flatiron Beef, Kimchee Spaetzle, and Papayabeefdish.jpg

The eatery? wd~50, New York

The review of this dish?

This was one of the best dishes of beef I have ever had… ever. The rectangle of short rib had a crispy outside and a flaky inside and the flavor was fantastic – deep and dark in a good way. The combination with the savoriness of the spaetzle, the sweet tart of the papaya, and the (what I think was) dried kimchee’s spicy qualities, was extraordinary. The addition of the flat iron beef took it over the top with its bright savory juiciness. I tore through it as this dish was a whirlwind of flavor. A juicy savory base filled with gentle bright sparks of acid and heat.

Reviewer : Hillel the man behind

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