Einstein aka Stinker The Garrulous Parrot


Einstein is an African Grey parrot from the

Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee

with an astounding repertoire of English words and sounds.

Trainer Stephanie White and Einstein were on

The Early Show with co-anchor Julie Chen.

White has been Einstein’s trainer for five years

and estimates it can make 200 sounds (including words).

The bird knows about 70 on cue and the others

it may just do on her own.


Video : Einstein Displays Her Genius!


White says Einstein babbles all day.

“Since she lives at the zoo, she does know a lot of animal sounds,” White said.

And on cue, Einstein made the sounds of
a chimpanzee,
a tiger,
a rooster,
a cat,
a dog,
a penguin
and a pig.

The 20-year-old parrot also whistled when asked if it thought Julie Chen was beautiful.

“Her nickname is Stinker,” White noted, and showed that Einstein knows that word is associated with a skunk.

Not all African Greys are this talented or this smart.

But when asked if it thinks it is famous, Einstein said, “Superstar.”

NEW YORK, Aug. 10, 2005


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